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Tanamo ID-2176 - History

Tanamo ID-2176 - History

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(Id. No. 2176: dp. 6,000,1. 331'1", b. 46'2"; dr. 21'1";
s. 12 k.; cpl. 105)

Tanamo (Id. 2176)—built in 1914 as Van Nogendorp by Swain Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England—was taken over by the Navy at New York on 9 August 1918 on a bare-boat basis from the Sarnia Steamship Corp., Broadway, N.Y. She was refitted as a refrigerator ship and commissioned on 17 August 1918.

Tanamo, assigned to duty with the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, loaded a cargo of beef and 57 trucks and sailed in a convoy on the 17th for France. Due to boiler trouble, she dropped out of the convoy, entering Halifax on the 30th for temporary repairs and then proceeding on 5 September to New York for additional repairs. On 4 October, Tanamo sailed with a convoy for Verdon, arrived there on the 20th and unloaded her cargo.

The ship sailed for home on 3 November and arrived at New York on the 19th. After general repairs and loading 1,479 tons of beef and a deck load of trucks she returned to St. Nazaire on 14 December 1918. She began her last round-trip voyage from New York to France for the Navy on 15 February 1919.

Upon her return to New York on 2 April, the ship was scheduled for demobilization. Tanamo was decommissioned on 24 April 1919 and returned to her owner.

FERNANDO ALBUERNE, singer. (Born: Sagua de Tanamo). + FERNANDO ALBUERNE, Cantante. (Nacido en Sagua de Tanamo).

Luis Fernando Albuerne Garcell was born on October 28, 1920 in Sagua de Tánamo, Oriente Province, 50 km north of Guantanamo, Cuba, and was graduated in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Havana. He began working in the production of for the company Albuerne Soap owned by his father. Even though it lacked musical knowledge was totally enthusiastic about singing, and was consolidating its voice and style at family and among his fellow students. developed from a performer of Cuban songs into one of the great vocal interpreters of Spanish material in general.

He performed and recorded throughout the Spanish-speaking world and at times lived in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as Cuba and eventually Tampa, FL. No one who knew Albuerne as a young man would have predicted that he would create stacks of recordings standing as high as sugar cane stalks in fact, it might have seemed more likely that he would wind up having something to do with growing the sugar cane itself. His degree from Havana University was in agricultural engineering, and following school he went to work in the clean and safe world of soap production. Perhaps he spent more time in the shower than usual, doing quality control research on the soap, and thus had more time to practice his singing.

Early in his twenties, however, Albuerne switched course from the business world to an exclusive contract with Radio Cadena. By the late 󈧬s he was in demand for performances in theaters and cabarets as well as on television. He began touring Latin America in 1953, Albuerne triumphed on stages in European capitals such as Madrid, Lisbon, and Paris. Albuerne is near the top of any alphabetical list of Cuban performers who fled the regime of Fidel Castro when the ink was still drying on 1960 calendars.

His subsequent residency in Caracas further sharpened his image as a Latin performer with a global outlook. The Rodven label has released a series of albums under Albuerne’s name, including the both romantic and informative Historia de Amor. Taken as a whole, the Albuerne discography represents a superb collection of Cuban and Mexican songs. He died in Miami in 2000.

Music Guide/Chadbourne/InternetPhotos/youtube/www.thecubanhistory.com
The Cuban History/ HOLLYWOOD.
Arnoldo Varona, Editor.


Luis Fernando Albuerne Garcell nació el 28 de Octubre de 1920 en Sagua de Tánamo, en la provincia de Oriente, 50 km al norte de Guantánamo.

Se graduó muy joven de Ingeniero Agrónomo en la Universidad de La Habana.

Comenzó a trabajar en la producción de perfumes para la empresa Jabón Albuerne, propiedad de su padre. Aun cuando carecía completamente de conocimientos musicales tenía entusiasmo por el canto, y fue consolidando su voz y su estilo en reuniones familiares y entre sus compañeros de estudios.

En 1941 se presentó en Radio Cadena Suaritos para averiguar cuanto debía pagar por grabar un disco, pero cuando escucharon la pureza de su voz de tenor fue inmediatamernte contratado como artista exclusivo a tres dólares por programa.

Debutó en Noviembre de ese año interpretando “Ven Amor”, tema compuesto por un compañero de trabajo, acompañado por la orquesta del pianista Santos Menéndez. Para 1945 su sueldo era de 1.000 dólares mensuales, uno de los más altos que se abonaban en la isla a un solista. Permaneció ligado a Radio Suaritos hasta 1954.

Desde 1947 realizó continuas giras por toda América. Ese año llegó por primera vez a Argentina, donde su éxito fue inmediato. Su gran hit fue “Dicen que Tengo Celos”, que vendió más de un millón de ejemplares y le significó su primer disco de oro. En 1953 llegó a Europa, triunfando en España, Portugal y Francia. Después de la revolución castrista se radicó en Caracas, para luego afincarse definitivamente en Miami, donde puso fin a su carrera artística.

PCE, Patrol Craft Escort, and PCER, Patrol Craft Rescue Escort

  • USS PCE-827 transféré au Royaume-Uni comme HMS Kilbernie (BEC 1)
  • USS PCE-828 au RU comme HMS Kilbride (BEC 2)
  • USS PCE-829 au RU comme HMS Kilchatten (BEC 3)
  • USS PCE-830 au RU comme HMS Kilchrenan (BEC 4)
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  • USS PCE-832 au RU comme HMS Kildwick (BEC 6)
  • USS PCE-833 au RU comme HMS Kilham (BEC 7)
  • USS PCE-834 au RU comme HMS Kilkenzie (BEC 8)
  • USS PCE-835 au RU comme HMS Kilhampton (BEC 9)
  • USS PCE-836 au RU comme HMS Kilmacolm (BEC 10)
  • USS PCE-837 au RU comme HMS Kilmarnok (BEC 11)
  • USS PCE-838 au RU comme HMS Kilmartin (BEC 12)
  • USS PCE-839 au RU comme HMS Kilmelford (BEC 13)
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  • USS Marfa (PCE-842)
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  • USS Worland (PCE-845)
  • USS Eunice (PCE-846)
  • USS PCE-847
  • USS PCER-848
  • USS Somersworth (PCE(R)-849)
  • USS Fairview (PCE(R)-850)
  • USS Rockville (EPCE-851)
  • USS Brattleboro (EPCE(R)-852)
  • USS Amherst (PCE(R)-853)
  • USS PCER-854
  • USS Rexburg (EPCE(R)-855)
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  • USS PCE-858
  • USS PCE(R)-859
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  • PCE-861 à PCE-866 annulé
  • USS PCE-867
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  • USS PCE-869
  • USS Dania (PCE-870)
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  • PCE-916 renommé USS Creddock (AM-356)
  • PCE-917 renommé USS Dipper (AM-357)
  • PCE-918 renommé USS Dotterel (AM-358)
  • PCE-919 renommé USS Drake (AM-359)
  • PCE-920 à PCE-934 annulé le 1 novembre 1945
  • PCE(R)-935 à PCE(R)-946 annulé
  • PCE-947 à PCE-960 annulé
  • USS PCE-1604 aux Pays-Bas comme Fret (F 818)
  • USS PCE-1605 aux Pays-Bas comme Hermelijn (F 819)
  • USS PCE-1606 aux Pays-Bas comme Vos (F 820)
  • USS PCE-1607 aux Pays-Bas comme Wolf (F 817)
  • USS PCE-1608 aux Pays-Bas comme Panter (F 821)
  • USS PCE-1609 aux Pays-Bas comme Jaguar (F 822)


Tanamo is an Altmer sailor and a member of Captain Erronfaire's crew. He has not reported for duty and the captain wishes for you to find him.

Unaccounted Crew Edit

Not unexpectedly, he is found at the tavern.

"Do I know you? You look familiar. Could just be the spiced wine talking." Captain Erronfaire sent me, she needs you back at the boat. Who? I don't know any Captain Fairies. And I sure don't know anything about a goat.
Leave me be, all four of you.
No, Captain Erronfaire. The Wave Cutter. Your ship?

If he is not the last of the crew you find, he'll say:

"Oh! The Captain! The Scourge of the Sun! Destroyer of happiness and joy! Fine, fine! I'll be on my way.
After one more spiced wine, of course."
I'll let her know.

If he is the last one to be found, he'll instead say:

"Oh! The Captain! Scourge of the Sun! Destroyer of happiness and joy! Fine, fine! I'll be on my way.
Would you tell Degail for me, though? She said she'd meet me here. When she gets back."
Where can I find Degail? "Ha! Her and Anala got into a fight. About? About Maormer scouts. Yes! That was it. Rumors of Maormer scouts near the Guard.
Degail went down the shore to prove Anala wrong. I'm sure she's just sitting out there with a bottle."

If you talk to him afterwards, he will attempt to explain his poor relationship with the captain:

"She just stirs my ire. It can't be helped. One day, I meant to respond with "Yes, ma'am" but all that came out was "die to a pox, you filthy witch."
You can see my problem."

After the crew has been found and Degail has been rescued, he will be on the docks, "I feel terrible. And how is it I'm the one that's managed to show up? Lorkhan's luck."

Once you have completed the quest:

"I'm a bit thankful to the Maormer. We won't be out of port for a while.
Can't imagine finding my sea legs in my current condition."

Tanamo ID-2176 - History

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Tanamo ID-2176 - History

The Church At Pine Hill was organized on Sunday, April 5, 1998, with a Dedication and Inauguration Celebration. It was the beginning of sonething unique for Floyd and Estell Rose. In his infinite wisdom, God called two people to meet the challenge.

Nine years ago when we embarked on this journey, we did so with the faith that God would give us the provision to fulfill the vision that we have come to call the "The Church At Pine Hill" a church without denominational, cultural, class, race, or gender walls. As we sought his guidance, we acknowledge Him in all our ways, and He has directed our paths.

God sent people of nearly every age, occupation and gift to enhance our vision of a complete Church. This includes entrepreneus, business owners, educators, caterers, radio personalities, executive secretaries, morticians, nursesm long distance truck drivers, lawn manicures, librarians, housewives, environmental engineers, administrators, financial planners, investment counselors, and retirees. We have a fellowship of inconditional love where the differences make no difference. We enjoy a common fellowship with each other because we enjoy a common relationship with Christ. We are family, brothers and sisters, not because of who we are but because of whose we are. Also not because of what we know, but because of whom we know. The Trustee Board adn Sunday School were organized in February, 1999: and other ministries were established later that year.

On December 30, 2000, Minister Rose retired, and Alex Bunion was installed as Pastor on Sunday, January 28, 2001. Mona Gibbs was Secretary, additional ministries were: Youth and Adult Praise and Worship, Evangelism Ministry, Hospitality, Alar Ministry, Ushers, Environmental Engineers, Kitchen, Tape, Building and Grounds, and Spiritual Dance.

On June 28, 2001, Eddie Dennard adn Demetria Emanuel were appointed Pine Hill's first Deacons, Victoria Emanuel, Deaconess, and Timothy Frierson I and Don Nelson, Deacons-in-Training. At our first Deacons ordination service, Don Nelson, and Timothy Frierson I were ordained, and Tammy Frierson and Cassandra Nelson were appointed Deaconesses. God added 60 members to the Church. Seven new auxiliaries were established.

On May 17, 2003, Pastor Bunion ordained the first female minister, Evangelist Vera Bunion. In November 2003, Pastor Bunion organized a Building Committee and started plans to expand the Facility.

In February 2004 four ladies were appointed as Deaconesses: Sister Ossie Berrien, Viviann Cody, Tonya Knight, and Lakesiha Padgett. In the same year Pine Hill purchased a 15 passenger van. The new addition was completed April 2004.

Pastor Bunion envisioned Pine Hill having an 8:00 am services every fifth Sunday. The first service took place on January 30, 2005, which was a blessing to all that attended.

On August 28,2005, Pastor Bunion licensed four Ministers: Minister Anthony Baker, Minister Victoria Emanuel, Minister Don Nelson, and Minister Lakeisha Padgett. During the months of August 12, 2007 and September 30, 2007, Pastor Bunion licensed Evangelist Tania Brown and Minister Bonita Bailey. On October 7, 2007 Pastor Bunion appointed five men to be set aside as Deacon's-in-training, Bro. Oscar Griffith, Bro. Elvoid Hunter, Bro. Willie James Roberson, Bro. Christopher Burgman and Bro. William Bailey and four sisters were appointed to be in training for deaconesses: Sis. Mona Gibbs, Sis. Maggie Roberson, Sis. Sharon Hunter, and Sis. Ruby Mobley.

January 1, 2008 Pastor Bunion formulated a committee to discuss plans to pave the parking area. On March 17, 2008, workers began paving the parking area. The project was completed March 19, 2008.

First there were two, and now there are 251 of us who enjoy a wall-less Church where Christ is all and love is law, and EVERYBODY is treated with dignity adn respect.

Senator Makes Stops in [Huntingdon] County

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey made a couple of stops in Huntingdon County Friday afternoon to learn more about the successes of Juniata College and to share the successes in Washington, D.C., with The Daily News.

Toomey was quick to point out the 115th Congress has been extremely productive, passing legislation he feels will benefit all Americans in the years to come.

"I would say by the time this Congress closes in six months, it will go down as one of the most productive in history," he said.

Some of the accomplishments he touted included the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, the confirmation of more circuit court judges, noting one eighth of the total number of circuit court judges needed for the courts have been appointed under president Donald Trump.

So far, 38 judges have been appointed since Trump took office in 2017.

Additionally, Toomey touted the use of the Congressional Review Act to roll back regulations that have impaired economic progress, and it's been used 16 times since Trump took office.

He also noted Congress voted earlier this month to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), despite opposition reports that it could be to the detriment to the wildlife in the region.

But, Toomey seems to be proud of the Trump Tax Reform, or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and how it's impacted businesses across the U.S.

"We're not finished yet," he said. "But, we've helped to create an environment that allows the private sector to sustain economic growth."

David Taylor, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association, a county native and Toomey supporter, said the benefits of the tax cut can already be seen in Pennsylvania.

"The state government is already seeing much higher collections to meet important payments," he said.

Toomey said that while it's still early at the federal level, the United States Treasury is seeing higher collections.

"Some of the attacks from the opponents of the tax bill said the treasury wouldn't take in revenue," he said. "It's still early, but for the month of April, the treasury had an all-time record collection month. The economy is generating more revenue, and we're well ahead of projections."

Additionally, despite what some critics have said, Toomey said at least 500 companies across the U.S. have started programs to pass the savings of those tax cuts to their employees.

"They may be programs involving a direct pay raise or increased contributions to retirements," he said, "but, they've passed on savings on to millions of people."

He also envisions the federal budget fights that have taken place in the last few years have Congress may come to an end this year.

"We're supposed to pass discreet portions of the federal budget over the summer (before the October deadline to have a federal budget for the next fiscal year," said Toomey. "Over the last few years, we have not done any of that, but I find we'll have a return to that. I think we'll stop some of the dysfunction of how we fund government."

Toomey has been one of the few federal Republican legislators who had suggested any type of bill regarding the regulation of guns, and in light of Friday's school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, that left 10 dead and 10 injured, he still believes it's possible to pass the legislation he suggested.

In February, he and U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a Democrat, reintroduced legislation that would expand background checks to the internet and gun shows.

"There were several Republicans who voted against it, but there could be more movement," he said, noting there are several things they could do within the confines of current law in regards to gun control.

"Right now, 70 percent of all states don't actually do background check themselves it goes to the FBI," said Toomey. "There are convicted felons who fill out the application to buy a gun and lie on those forms, but the FBI doesn't do anything when it's checked they're just banned from buying a gun.

"But, when they lie on those forms, they're committing another felony," he added. "They could very well pass that information onto state police."

He also believes there should be legislation passed to address the fact that suspected terrorists on the no-fly list shouldn't be allowed to purchase guns.

Toomey also said he hopes to address the opioid crisis that's impacting the county, state and country.

"We're losing more lives to drug overdoses than car accidents," he said. "But, there's no simple solution to this."

Toomey believes many who are suffering from opioid addiction are introduced via a prescription, and prescriptions for opioid medications are given out at a faster rate than in other countries.

Though the rate of addiction has gone down a little bit, prescriptions in the U.S. are still given out at fives times the rate of other developed countries," he said. "There needs to be some accountability with pharmaceutical companies."

Taylor said in Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf failed to back a bill that would limit workmen's compensation opioid prescriptions, as the state is only second to Louisiana in the number of opioids prescribed to those hurt on the job.

State Senate Bill 936 would have created drug formulary for doctors to follow that would limit the type, dosage and duration of prescriptions, said Taylor.

"(Democratic) Gov. (Andrew) Cuomo of New York supported similar legislation," he said. "This is fairly standard, and it would have assured safeguards would have been followed."

In a time where political discourse can be very toxic, Toomey said it's important to encourage lively debate, but not at the expense of civility among those with whom he disagrees.

"With a lot of causes, I ask what I can do to make sure we have lively debate, but also be civil," he said. "I focus on the substance and find common ground."

For example, while there's not much politically he and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. agree on, they've worked together to approve a high number of district court judges, showing they can come together when necessary.

"While working with Casey, we've been able to confirm more judges in Pennsylvania than any other state in the union," he said. "While we disagree on most policies, we understand it's an obligation to fill these positions, and we work hard, together. This helps to demonstrate bipartisanship and find a way to make progress."

T‑Mobile Brings First 4G LTE Network to Troops and Families at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Bellevue, Wash. — Nov. 10, 2016 — To support the 5,500 active duty military, reservists, their families, and staff who reside there, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced it has expanded its domestic 4G LTE network to cover Naval Station (NS) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, bringing 4G LTE data and texting to the base for the first time. T-Mobile is providing the first LTE coverage to NS Guantanamo Bay through a contract with the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM).

“We’re honored to be able to serve those who serve this country with the first high-speed connection to the outside world for the thousands of service men and women and their families at Guantanamo Bay,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “T-Mobile has a long and proud history of supporting our armed forces and that includes a deep commitment to being a great place to work for veterans and military as part of the White House Joining Forces Initiative.”

Through the previous wireless provider, residents at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay only had cellular voice service – no texting or data! Now, T-Mobile has built 11 cell sites with LTE coverage on the base from the nation’s fastest LTE provider on the nation’s most advanced LTE network.

“The new 4G LTE coverage is a huge boon to everyone at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay,” said Captain David Culpepper, the installation Commanding Officer. “This gives all of us here a whole new level of access to wireless devices and service—and is the first time a major U.S. wireless operator has actually built cell sites for LTE coverage inside of Guantanamo Bay.”

Starting in August, base residents have been able to activate T-Mobile service – choosing from all postpaid and prepaid plans the Un-carrier has to offer just like T-Mobile customers stateside – including a full selection of devices and accessories available at a Wireless Advocates retail kiosk inside the Navy Exchange (NEX) store on the base. Residents can also bring their own compatible phones to access the network. In addition, Department of Defense Commands stationed at NS Guantanamo Bay can purchase from T-Mobile’s Federal Government Sales Team.

“Every day we have the honor and privilege to serve our heroes in the military, the reserves and their families. And the number one ask from our military personnel in Guantanamo Bay has been about bringing high-speed wireless service to the base,” said Dan Brettler, chairman and CEO of Wireless Advocates. “Now, with the launch of T-Mobile LTE they’re amazed by the experience! We are proud to bring T-Mobile's great service and products to Guantanamo Bay.”

With access to T-Mobile’s domestic 4G LTE network, customers in NS Guantanamo Bay can now enjoy all of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier benefits including:

  • Unlimited talk, text, 4G LTE data on your smartphone or tablet
  • Unlimited video and music streaming
  • Unlimited data, texting and low, flat-rate calls in 140+ countries and destinations

To learn more about T-Mobile’s network, visit www.t-mobile.com/coverage.

On all plans, during congestion the top 3% of data users (>28GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p). International service requires qualifying plan. See T-Mobile.com for Network Management policies and Terms and Conditions.

About T-Mobile US, Inc.
As America's Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The Company's advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to 69.4 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS. For more information, please visit https://www.t-mobile.com.

Media Contacts
T-Mobile US Media Relations
[email protected]

Investor Relations
877-281-TMUS OR 212-358-3210
[email protected]

T-Mobile Brings First 4G LTE Network to Troops and Families at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Link to view and download the asset in the Media Library.

Notable Explorers

"Be curious about everything -- take every opportunity that presents itself to learn new things."

"The Ranger missions looked a lot more exciting to me than what I was doing at the time, and so I sent my resume off to JPL. I've been here ever since."

"His spirit will continue to inspire us as we continue our quest to understand the Universe."

"Science and math are part natural gifts and part practice. You don't have to be a genius to be successful."

"Ask lots of questions. Be persistent. And never stop exploring your options."

"STEM is, by far, the coolest field to get into. We fly spacecraft around other planets how much better can it get?"

"Stay close to subjects that fascinate you personally, but also ask why is the subject important."

"To be able now to work on projects that are flying to the planets has been really a dream."

"When I was a little girl Sputnik was launched, and I was instantly drawn into the whole miracle of spaceflight and exploring the cosmos."

"The great thing about being at NASA is that there are jobs for all types&mdashwhether it's engineering, science, finance, communication, law."

"Sometimes you have to tackle a problem from many different ways to understand it and you should never be afraid to ask for help."

"Passion and tenacity, coupled with patience and humor. All will serve you well regardless of what you do."

Foundation SKA

Lord Tanamo and his rhumba box

The music world received the news that yet another Jamaica legend had recently passed away, and so Foundation Ska pays tribute to this musical master, Lord Tanamo, who died on April 12 th at the age of 82 in Toronto, Canada. He was former member of the legendary Skatalites and the Jamaica Observer wrote of him:

The singer/percussionist, who was born Joseph Abraham Gordon, combined ska with mento and calypso on several of his songs including Japanese Invasion. He led the Skatalites on songs like Come Down and I’m In The Mood For Ska.

Musicologist Kingsley Goodison remembers Lord Tanamo as a very influential member of the Skatalites.

“In addition to having his own songs, he was a percussionist as well as a back-up vocalist. He acted as emcee for the band and introduced the songs before they were played,” Goodison told the Jamaica Observer.

Raised in Denham Town, West Kingston, Lord Tanamo was strongly influenced by the legendary Trinidadian calypsonian Lord Kitchener, who lived in Jamaica during the 1940s.

At the dawn of the 1970s, when calypso and mento waned among Jamaican artistes, he kept the beat alive with songs like Rainy Night In Georgia, originally done by Tony Joe White.

He migrated to Canada during the mid-1970s but continued to record singles and albums for producers in Jamaica, most notably Bunny Lee and Sonia Pottinger.

“He left and went to Canada with keyboardist Jackie Mittoo. They performed together and became a big hit there,” Goodison added.

In 2008, Lord Tanamo suffered a stroke that left him unable to talk.

Lord Tanamo and his Calypsonians, from the Daily Gleaner, June 26, 1969.

A 2002 article in NOW magazine out of Toronto includes words from Tanamo himself. The article states: The Kingston, Jamaica-born Joseph “Lord Tanamo” Gordon, who has made Toronto his home for over 35 years, helped create the sound we now know as ska by combining elements of calypso gleaned from Lord Kitchener with the lilting mento rhythms of his childhood.

“When I was about four years old,” recalls Tanamo from his home at Dufferin and Eglinton, “a fella, Cecil Lawes, came into my yard with a rumba box, which is similar to a marimba. I liked the sound from the first time I heard it. That’s where it all came from.

“Later, when I was a teenager, I began performing on the corner with Cecil and his rumba box. In the day I’d put on torn pants and a straw hat and sing calypso to hustle the tourists, and then at night I’d put on my suit and tie and sing ballads with a band. It was all just music to me.”

It was a few years later, in the spring of 64, that Tanamo would make his most notable mark in ska history, following a fateful recording session with some of Jamaica’s top young studio talent.

“When we did recordings, the musicians were usually paid individually, but for some reason on this date Mr. Khoury made out only one cheque payable to me. So I said, “Gentlemen, since we have this bulk payment, why don’t we form a band?’

“When they asked me what we should call it, I thought, well, we’re playing this way-out music and the Americans were sending satellites into space after the Russian Sputnik. So I said, “Let’s call it the Skatallites,’ because ska was the thing everyone was doing.”

Along with naming the Skatalites, Tanamo is also credited with being among the first of many popular Jamaican artists to take up residence in Toronto, where he opened the Record Nook, the city’s first record shop selling the exciting new music coming out of the Caribbean.

“I think it was in 64 that the Eaton’s company sent for me, through the Jamaican Tourism Board, to come to play some shows in Canada with the rumba box. When I arrived in Toronto, I liked the multicultural atmosphere and I guess I fell in love.

“It happened at a show,” he remembers wistfully. “I saw a young girl crying at the front and I asked if my music was making her sad. She told me that it was actually making her happy. For some reason, I married her, and I’ve been trapped here ever since.”

This article in the Jamaica Star, June 5, 1964, noted how Lord Tanamo had switched from calypso to ska. What a dapper young Tanamo! Handsome fellow! In case you don’t want to get out your glasses, here’s what the article says:

Big name in the world of ska today is Joseph Gordon, alias Lord Tanamo. The 28-year-old Kingtonian entered show business 13 years ago as a calypso singer appearing at leading hotels in the city with his small band before moving to the North coast to perform at hotels. After two years on the north Coast, where he appeared at such hotels as the Royal Caribbean, Tower Isle, Casa Montego and Casa Blanca, Tanamo began recording calypsoes, his first one being “Crinoline.” In 1962, however, he switched from calypso singing to ska and today his first ska recording, “Come Down” is still a favourite with radio, juke box and sound system fans. Tanamo now claims hit parade tunes “Iron Bar” and “Matty Rag,” both of which are old Jamaican folk songs done up in ska style. His popular “Ol’ Fowl” recently finished a long stay on the hit parade, but is still riding high in juke boxes and on sound systems. Apart from thrilling thousands of record fans, Lord Tanamo has long been a favourite with stage and nightclub audiences.

From the Daily Gleaner, 9-14-1957

Lord Tanamo is photographed below during the Legends of Ska Concert back in 2002 in Toronto. Tanamo is on the far right next to Johnny “Dizzy” Moore, Justin Hinds, and Stranger Cole.

And of course, here is the great Lord Tanamo here with the Skatalites, as one of the four vocalists for the legendary group. Lord Tanamo is to the right of Doreen Shaffer.

From the Daily Gleaner, June 26, 1969: Calypso Group in Montreal–MONTREAL, June 16. Terres-des-Homes (or Man and his World) 1969 got off to a roaring start with a huge fireworks display on Thursday June 12 th . Total attendance for the first three days was 297,000 visitors. Feature attraction at the Jamaica Pavilion this year is the Jamaican Group of Lord Tanamo and his Calypsonians. This group is already an early favourite and has drawn special attention with its unique Jamaican musical instrument— a rhumba box and a bamboo saxophone, with a fork and grater occasionally thrown in. When asked about the durability of his saxophone, Wilbert Stephenson replied that he keeps it in a cool place to avoid possible splitting of the bamboo due to heat and as an added precaution he brought an extra one with him. The group will play daily at the Pavilion until the Fair closes in September. Personnel of the group is as follows: Lord Tanamo (Joseph Gordon), guitar Carlton Lewis, maracas and bongo drum Cecil Laws (rhumba box) Cecil Largie (congo drum) Wilbert Stephenson (bamboo saxophone).

Mike Garnice has substantial information on Lord Tanamo and his mento career which can be found HERE

So raise a Red Stripe in toast to Lord Tanamo, and enjoy these fine chunes from Mr. Gordon!

Watch him perform in 2003 at the Glastonbury Festival with Lester Sterling, Lloyd Knibb, and of course, Ken Stewart on keyboard and band manager for decades! I’m in the Mood for Ska

One of my favorites, a tribute that Lord Tanamo did as a tribute for Don Drummond, Big Trombone

From the Daily Gleaner, June 21, 1964.

Watch the video: Такуба - оружие имошаги (August 2022).