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Is there any resource for showing world territories at different years?

Is there any resource for showing world territories at different years?

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I teaching a secondary class about a region where the borders were constantly shifting, government constantly changing hands, people within the area changing nationality several times, etc. which is highly confusing to the students. Since it connects with colonialism, I need world maps, not just the local map.

I've tried searching image searches for world maps in year X, but it is hit-or-miss that I find a world map for a particular year, and one map to the next is inconsistent in style.

I need some consistent maps that show where borders changed, when territories changed hands, so students can visually see what they've been reading about.

Is there any resource that allows people to enter in a date, and it displays a world map with colored-in or outlines of the territories?

Check out https://www.timemaps.com

It's pretty much exactly what you seem to be looking for. You can zoom in and out at specific points in time, navigate around the map to different areas, and so forth. The granularity isn't always as precise as one would like now, but in time they'll presumably improve it.


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